Monday, October 1, 2007


If there is one very important thing I have learned about life lately, it is this...

Life is made up of cycles...they are continuous and move from birth, to periods of innovation and learning, to building wealth, and finally death or destruction. With death, however, comes rebirth again. This can be applied to natural cycles, but it also applies to socio-political cycles.

At the risk of sounding like a Doomsday-er...this makes me think about the situation of our country...we are in a period of wealth accumulation. We have been for many years. With wealth often comes corruption, and this is when the risk of destruction occurs. I'm not sure whether it is inevitable or whether destruction can only be prolonged. One thing I do know, is that without some sort of sacrifice, especially from those with the most wealth, things cannot continue at a stasis. Greed is bound to cause problems...for whom and at what scale, I cannot say. There will be difficult times for many I am sure, and then the rebirth will occur.

If you take it to a larger scale, there's global warming. Minimizing it's impact can only occur from sacrifice. To think that we can solve our problems through technology is absurd. Technology solves one problem by creating another.

O.k. few...I feel better...

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