Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My parents rock!

My parents are the best that any daughter could ask for. In fact, they are both pretty awesome people all around. Case in point....tonight my dad and I are out for a nice moonlight stroll around the lake. On our way back, we see this guy sitting by a motorcycle and my dad asks how he is doing. He tells us that he ran out of gas and so in that regard, he's not so great. But my dad just happens to have a few gallons of gas in the garage...he goes to get it and when the guy offers to pay for it, my dad declines, several times. How awesome is that? I bet he made his night...or at least made it better.

And my mom...she's pretty darn awesome too. In addition to putting Ryan and I first in almost every possible way, she's also very giving to other people. One time, she was making her way through the Burger King Drive through and noticed a homeless lady in a parking lot. She all but chased the lady down to give he some money...$50...after talking to her, my mom new that this was someone who would probably choose to continue to be homeless, but still offered her help anyway. She even tried to pry a little to see if she could use her mad recruiting skills to find her a job.

Two pretty selfless people. I love them and have a lot to learn from them!

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