Thursday, August 7, 2008

From Phoenix to Paris

Nope. I didn't travel to Paris last weekend, but it sure felt like it. Sophia, my roommate, had a friend from Paris in town, and despite still being in America, he brought a bit of Paris to us.... Long breakfasts savoring the delicious crepes he prepared....lazy afternoons sipping wine and feasting on cheese and bread...leisurely strolls through the French countryside...o.k. so it wasn't the French countryside, but it felt like it.

We also took him to Phoenix First Friday to experience a bit of American culture...although I wouldn't say it was very typical of American culture. It's about the only time you can see that many people on the downtown streets of's a blast...and one of the best cultural experiences in Phoenix. Where else can you find a man with blond dreads perched in a tree house, dancing and playing reggae music in front of a little bungalow where a man paints portraits with spray paint?

I didn't really get pictures of the First Friday event, but here are some of our trip to Gisela, near Payson, and Rio Salado, in Phoenix.

Rio Salado

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