Monday, September 8, 2008

Madera Canyon

I'm about ready to go to bed...after reading 100 pages of literature on urban design and planning I am feeling pretty tired, but I wanted to share pictures of the hike N and I took today at Madera Canyon.

I was so in need of an escape to the fresh air of the mountains, and it was wonderful. There is nothing like the smell of a cool breeze with a hint of pine; especially because it was 101˙ in Tucson today.

The site and sound of the small creek that runs through the canyon was also refreshing. The sound it made through most of the hike was so soothing. I wish I could capture that sound and bring it home with me.
There were all sorts of different grasses in flower along the trail. N and I were commenting on how beautiful our native grasses are, and how we wish they were used more in urban and residential landscapes.

There were also many insects out today; it must be the perfect weather for them. We saw quite a few beautiful insects, but this one in particular amazed me with its colors.

There were also a bunch of black hairy caterpillars around...I was wondering if they are the larva of this insect? I am thinking it is a type of moth because of its antennae??? Hmmmmm....


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