Sunday, September 28, 2008

Suprising "Green" Facts of the Day from....tada....Oprah?

  • Using a gas powered mower for one hour produces about the same pollution as driving a car 100 miles!
  • Only 5 to 15 % of bugs in our gardens are actually pests, so stop using pesticides!
  • Up to 75% of household water used during growing season is used for outdoors. Plant native plants that use less water and we will all have more to drink!

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  1. Interesting blog...and you're in the Old Pueblo! It looks like we tackle similar subject matter.

    As for this post, it's good to see Oprah adopting such topics on her will reach a much wider audience that way. What is needed is repeated information to get to that audience, so some of the green habits are more successfully incorporated into everyone's lifestyle. Unfortunately it needs to be a method of hammer, hammer, and hammer again...did I say hammer?

    Thanks for your recent comments on The Left...gotchya listed on The P-patch. It's good for us to support one another!