Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Talented Friends

I just wanted to share with you a few of my talented friends. I'm lucky to have so many, but those that are clever enough to have some form of online material get to be especially celebrated today.

  • My dear, creative, witty, and exceedingly charming friend Laurel, who also happens to be a smashing good vegetarian cook, has started a website called Simple Spoonfuls. In her words this site will "Demystify Healthy Eating One Delicious Dish at a Time." I've yet had time to make any of these recipes, but just looking at them makes my mouth water. She also posts a great deal of information about food in general. Bon Appetite!
  • An artist friend from highschool put together this website, The Obama Experiment, to support who else but Obama. I especially love the Hopeful Hearts Club art.
  • Two friends that graduated from the Landscape Architecture program before me have websites created in conjunction with their master's thesis. Heidi has put together a Lizard Walk and Hampton created a self guided bird tour called "There's a Hole in my Habitat."
  • Michele created the Cholcolate Pizza Stiletto Love blog for "inspiration in style, food, decor and love!" With a name like that it's got to be good, and it is.
  • Tif Bullard is a very talented performer. Back in high school, I was fortunate to be in a production of Oliver! with her. Now she's getting her MFA and performing her own shows in Chicago. Here's her blog and her website.
  • And finally is the hilarious and handsome James Michael Bobby. This guy has made me laugh since I have known him. He has the ability to make the whole room pee their pants in laughter. He's been in a few small films and I hope he does more. Check out his site.
I hope you enjoy the talent and creativity of my friends. Let me know what you think.

*It was late last night when I posted this...sorry for all the typos...I've tried to fix them.

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  1. Thanks for all of these new links! I love finding great new sites!