Monday, November 24, 2008

A La Bisbee

My Mom, N, and I made a trip down to Bisbee, Arizona this weekend. Mom had never been there, so I thought we would show her a quirky and charming bit of Arizona.
Going to Bisbee is like stepping into another realm, or visiting another country. I don't really know any other place quite like it on earth....that's probably why I love it so much! In the past, I have dreamed about moving there and opening an art gallery/B&B, but upon further reflection, I think I would feel a little isolated. The town is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Tucson is the closest city...Douglas leaves a lot to be desired...I don't think I'd feel the urge to venture to Tombstone very often...
Well, visiting serves its purpose for now...I can giddily wander through art galleries, eat at the most fabulous Cafe Cornucopia, and admire the many delapidated buildings and shacks that hold the rich textures of time.

Do you notice all three animals in this picture? Yes, that is a mouse on top of the cat. I couldn't get my camera ready in time when they were walking down the was quite the site.


  1. great pics! I especially like the third one through the corrugated metal -- almost has an anasazi ruin feel to it...

  2. thank you for the Bisbee tour. I've not been there since I was a little girl; I think the mines were still working at that time.

  3. Thanks all..

    Granny J- What was Bisbee like when you were there? I imagine it was a lot different with the mines open, much more people and not so much art?