Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tis the Season for Goodwill

I hate shopping, but there is something about going to a thrift shop that really appeals to me. It must be the sense of adventure that arises from searching through all of the tacky or useless stuff to find one small treasure. Yes, I think it is the thrill of the catch. And it's rewarding in more ways then one...it's better for your pocket book and better for the environment.

This week N and I stopped at one particular Goodwill store for the first time and I had really good luck. Take a look at these finds:

N bought me this complete dinnerware set for $25...the whole kit-n-caboodle: 8 dinner plates, 8 dessert plates, 6 bowls, 8 mugs, 1 creamer, 1 serving plate, 1 serving dish...it's a 1978 studio kiln set from Japan
3 small glass containers

a clay vessel from Thailand

1 piggy bank

2 pairs of shoes and a vintage tie

numerous other things including a cast iron skillet, copper plated skillet, glass casserole dish, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 skirts....

.....and a partridge in a pear tree......


  1. I have to be cautious about entering the local Sal or Goodwill or NOAH thrift -- too dang many good things catch my fancy if I'm not careful. However, there is certainly something especially satisfying about finding a great bargain!

  2. Granny J - Yes...I know what you mean...it's almost more tempting to buy things when they are cheap and you've done so much sifting through things...for example, the piggy bank...did I really need that?

  3. Holy motherlode! That's some good shopping, Kim! I love the glass jars with the metal catch closure--I have several big ones I use for flour, sugar, and granola.

  4. I LOVE thrift stores! I recently purchased a piece of luggage that is this perfectly obnoxious red-orange color which I'm replacing the not-so-fabulous satin interior. You scored some great goods there, I really like the dishes!

  5. L- Yeah, I used the glass jars for herbs... they look perty.

    J- I'm with ya...I have grown to love them too...the luggage sounds great...you'll have to post a pic when you replace the interior.