Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cookbook Giveaway at

Happy New Year everyone! My friend Laurel at is starting the new year on a fresh note by giving away some vegetarian cookbooks. The giveaways are a great addition to any kitchen...Moosewood selections and others. To enter the giveaway, Laurel is asking you to write a poem about a vegetable....but hurry, the deadline is midnight tonight Pacific time.

We are hoping a rap counts as a poem because this is our entry:

DJ Kimmus (featuring beetNick)

Yo, DJ
don’t kick da beet!!

da pppptttt-pppptttt tssssst
da pppptttt-pppptttt tssssst

here’s a little rap,
with a succulent beat,
about a tasty root
so earthy sweet!!

This little beet
is a double treat
greens on top,
and underneath
a juicy feat!!
Saute their greens,
and cook the meat.

red or gold
boiled… broiled…
this beet ain’t

Slice it
Dice it
throw it in a
suckin down some borscht
while ya sit on yur

red and ROUND,
my hands stained
No matter yo
‘cuz this beet

Yo, Check da beet…
da ppppttt-ppppttt tsssst
da ppppttt-ppppttt tsssst


  1. I just about died when I read this. It is so completely excellent! I performed it for the Unicyclist last night while he was washing dishes, and he was equally amused.

    We'd love to see you and BeetNick perform it, though, for sure. :D Maybe next First Friday?!?!?

    Youse got madd skillz, yo.

  2. Too funny! You two have my vote, great rap, sure to be hard to beet...