Wednesday, January 21, 2009

if: pale

So, I didn't get to the post about our protests today, but if you would like to read from the local media outlets, there are links offered by SallyGradStudent. Instead, I would like to share my Illustration Friday entry for this week's topic, pale. It's much less thought provoking and more light-hearted. I just don't have it in me tonight to delve into the realms of how important education is...hopefully soon.


  1. LOL I know exactly how she feels sometimes :P

  2. Great illustration. The more I looked at it, the more I found that if you take away the text at the bottom of your illustration and think of it in terms of the education being taken away in AZ, it's an even stronger piece. When I look at this, the girl is looking at the cupcakes from the other side of the glass display case, unable to reach them. (Cupcakes= education.)

    I'm sorry you are stressed out about this issue. It's such an important thing for all of us to have. And to take it away, to not value it is such a mistake. I'm sorry your protest didn't attract larger crowds, it was held on a day that people's attention was focused elsewhere. Could you and your group hold another protest? Get a petition going around? Bug the heck out of your representatives. Write your newspapers. Don't give up! Chin up, you'll find a way!

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  4. Jamie- I like your analogy! Maybe it was something from my subconscious that made me think of this!
    Good news, there was another protest at the Board of Regents meeting with a HUGE turnout...I wasn't able to make it, but heard that it had quite an impact. And others are planning a protest to the state capitol on Wednesday. I still have to write my letter to the reps, but I know a lot of other people have...and we gathered a lot of signatures on a petition. So we are making progress and we'll see what happens! Thanks for your support!