Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Everybody needs more love...

I just read the most meaningful post by Stefani over at Blue Yonder. I'm really at a loss for words right now (not uncommon) but you must stop over and read it for yourself. There is nothing I could say that would be nearly as beautiful.

Here's a little piece of the whole story for starters:
"Well I was THIS close to losing it all together and laying on the horn. I mean seriously, the light was green, my baby was about to explode and there he was just taking in the scenery! But then I had the oddest thought - that bald headed man was once some mother's bald headed baby....

...Every now and again I see his shiny head and it reminds me... we are all someone's child. Under all the hair, we are all bald. Each one of us is just trying to make our way. Each one of us falters sometimes. Each one of us needs a little grace"

old man driving
photo by Amelia PS


  1. oh wow, this really hit home. i forget a lot of the time that people are just people, trying to make their way in the world and be happy, just like me. thank you for posting this- i'm going to read the whole thing right now!

  2. Very nice, sometimes we need to stop in our tracks and just notice that we are all here for the same reason, even if we all are going into different directions of life.

    nice post.