Monday, April 27, 2009

Kittens are cute

I've been feeling a bit of a creative drain lately. Maybe this whole thesis thing just sucked the life out of me...while I recoup, I'll post some pictures of cute little kittens to make you smile. Who doesn't like kittens, right? I mean, I can understand if you don't like cats (me, I'm allergic) but everyone loves kittens.

These little guys showed up on N's doorstep a few weeks ago, after some stray mama (unknown at the time) cats made themselves at home in his yard. Anyone want to adopt?


  1. ooh, that little balck and white is a doll. I have a soft spot for black and whites (and look at those eyes!!) so sweet.

  2. Oh, yes, they are! As Ogden Nash wrote,

    The trouble with a kitten is that
    It eventually grows up to become a cat.

  3. Really cute, huh? That black and white one is about twice the size of other kittens and he's so rambunctious. You can see it in his eyes. His brother is the runt, and no bigger than a small rat...but also completely adorable. I'm partial to gray kittens, as my cat who is now 19 and lives in Ohio is all gray. She has long hair though...I miss her (but I don't miss the allergies). The other one that's not shown here is white with big black spots kinda like a Holstein cow...very pretty.