Friday, May 29, 2009

Break from the heat

I can't believe it! This is my 150th post. Since I forgot to celebrate my 100th post, maybe this deserves some kind of celebration? So, how about a cheers to all of you who stop by and share my life with me! You rock.

It's been getting progressively hot here, but not as bad as it usually is this time of year. It seems that the weather patterns have shifted a little bit and we are experiencing clouds and rain in May. Very unusual but welcomed by us humans. I do wonder how a change like this will effect the rest of the desert. As I am sitting here typing, it seems as though we may get a few showers shortly. I'm not complaining...I love it!

Yesterday was pretty hot, however, and to escape the heat some friends and I drove up to Mount Lemmon. It's pretty amazing that you can go from desert to a place like this is 45 min. Here...see what I mean.

Doesn't look like a desert, does it? This amazing fern forest was such a treat for us desert dwellers. And for those of you from Tucson, this is located on the Butterfly Trail on Mount Lemmon. It's a steep hike, but well worth it.

The New Mexican Locust were gorgeous.
This waterfall is one destination on the hike...such a peaceful spot to take a break.

These caterpillars were all over the trail...probably why it's called Butterfly Trail. I wonder what kind they are?And these tent caterpillars were on another trail higher up. I know they can be pretty destructive in some areas (they were in Michigan), but I didn't see too many of them so hopefully they won't do damage. I just think it's so cool how they make this a big caterpillar orgy. :P


  1. great pics! What a contrast between the fire damage and the fresh green ferns. You gotta love ferns.

  2. Strange weather, as you said. Apparently Prescott has beat the 100+ year old record for rainfall in May. Not that it's an amount that people from Elsewhere would consider substantial, but for us it truly is!