Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm longing for the woods

I'm longing for the woods
an ache so deep
it feels like my soul is being
ripped out by the open sky
and the only thing
that can hold me
to this earth
is the towering embrace of the forest trees
sheltering me with their sun-dappled blankets
and wise whispers


  1. I understand you completely. I love the northern woods. It is in my blood. The sounds as the wind sifts through their leaves and branches. The smell of new leaves popping out. That's what heaven is like, I've decided.

  2. Thanks Vanessa!

    Jaime - I couldn't agree more...oh how I miss it.

  3. That is lovely. But it makes me want to know if there are woods close by that you can visit? Oh you need to do it!!

    This reminds me of Armstrong Woods in Guernville CA. So quiet and large and dappled. I totally get the need to be there.

  4. Beautiful, reminds me of a state park I used to hike in when I lived in Indiana!

  5. Very Beautiful! Made me want to go and be there.

  6. Well, I wish I did have woods near by. The best I could do would be to drive up into the mountains, but I don't have a car that can handle that so I'm stuck in the desert. It was 100 degrees today. It's going to be a HOT summer.

    The picture was taken in Michigan at my dad's friend's house. She has a gorgeous garden with beautiful woods. She lives a dream...grows her own flowers and sells floral arrangements. I hope I can visit again soon.