Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hi everyone...
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of delicious food, family, and friends.

My mom came in town to visit and it was nice to have her here. We spent Thanksgiving Day at a friend's house along with roughly 30 other people...many friends from school and a few others that I met that night.

It was an outdoor event as you can imagine it would have to be with that many people. Unfortunately, that lovely rain that we had been anticipating for so long decided to make it's appearance on that same day. It was fortunate that my friend NM had the foresight to ask me to help her throw some tarps over the ramada. Well, we didn't exactly just "throw" them over. It was more like careful tiptoeing 10 feet in the air on a wooden structure half rotted by the sun as we nailed the tarps down. No injuries, though, and a good adventure. NM also did a fabulous job decorating the place on a very small budget. It was really special...the picture does not do it justice...

On Friday, we went for a hike at Sabino Canyon. The sky was cloudy off and on, which made for amazing light on the mountains. I love that kind of day in the desert.

The strangest thing was that this contorted saguaro was in bloom...I have never heard of a Saguaro blooming in November. Perhaps it was confused?

At that point we had pushed my mom's soar foot a bit too far, so we may our way for supper. Fortunately, her foot seemed to feel a little better after a good bit of Mexican food at El Charro, a gorgeous sunset, and some sleep. The perfect ending to her trip...


  1. That's one seriously neurotic saguaro!

  2. interesting saguaro -- perhaps a useful genetic variation for a past or future climate? It would be interesting to watch that saguaro and note pollinators, whether fruit matures, etc.

  3. Wow. Cool saguaro.

    Maybe it just wanted to show off for your mum? ;)

    I agree with Warren--keep an eye on it. I am curious to see if it will bloom in spring as well.

    In other news, I will be trying pecan pie again for Christmas to see if I can get one that won't trigger diabetic coma and which is also perfectly textured. If I get it right, you may have to come visit!

  4. Granny J- Haha...neurotic may be right...if that's the case I may have an affinity with him.

    Warren_ I was thinking something similar...maybe it's a climate change adaptation. In any case, I am sure there are some pollinators that are happy to have the added winter food source.

    Laurel- I will try to keep an eye on it...I don't get over into that neck of the Sabino woods much, but maybe I will make an attempt to now. And yay! Pecan pie! I will be home for X-mas for a while, but up in PHX on my departure and return...maybe I will get to see you!? :)