Monday, December 1, 2008

i.f. balloon

This is my second attempt at creating a piece for Illustration Friday. I've been in experimentation mode, messing around in Photoshop and Illustrator...although, I almost always draw by hand first and then scan it in.

I'm thinking about starting another blog for my art and illustrations...I just don't like the green background with my art...but a third blog? That scares me...annnnnddd I need to think of a name...that is VERY important... I name it after my own name "Kimberly Creagan: Illustrations and Artwork" or come up with something completely different. I was thinking "Timid Tadpole" but don't know if that's just too whimsical...any opinions?


  1. Kim, your drawings are whimsical.

    I think the Timid Tadpole would work very well with that.

    Of course, you could marry the two. "The Timid Tadpole: Illustrations and Artwork by Kimberly Creagan." Lard knows I have an affinity for titles with colons in them.

    As far as three blogs...I dunno. It depends on how much maintenance each requires. But I do so like coming here and seeing the fun illustrations, and I don't want them to be completely exiled to a new arty blog, in the event such an arty blog should appear.

  2. Laurel- Thanks for your feedback, ma dear. Me thinks for now I will just continue with this blog, until I feel desperate for another one...maybe then I will have time to ponder the name as well.

    And don't worry, should any arty blog appear, I will not exile them from here...thanks for your concern :)

  3. I like it, it gives a feeling of freedom.

  4. oh, this is so sweet... her little legs do look like she achieved "lift off" -- made me smile :) also, love love love your penguin too!

  5. Thank you for your kind words everyone!