Monday, February 23, 2009

In Your Opinion

Hi all!
I'd like to get some of your feedback and know what type of posts you enjoy the most when you read my blog, so I've put a survey at the bottom of the blog. I've been feeling like I don't always have a direction for this blog, and maybe that's o.k. But I would like to know what you like reading/seeing the most so that I can keep you stopping by. Your opinion means a lot to me. Also, feel free to comment here if there is anything I missed or if you have other feedback. I'd love it all, positive or negative. Thanks a bunch!
x Kim


  1. I love it all. I like the illustrations you post. I like it a lot when you post images of the area you live in and the yummy foods you make or buy at the market. Keep it coming!


  2. ah, the direction of your blog is whatever way you happen to be facing at the moment, and thats ok. I like the variety of your posts, perspectives, art, and photos -- keep it up!

    Now put the boulder down and get back to work. (great picture!)

  3. Great picture! I agree with Warren - blog about whatever you want. I too feel like my blog lacks direction, but then again that's how my life is so....
    Anyway, I really enjoy your nature photos, and I like your variety. So yes, put down that boulder and get back to work!
    p.s. I tagged you on today's post if you want to play along. No obligation only if you want to.

  4. Thanks everyone for your feedback and all of your support. It's so great to have found such wonderful people in this virtual community. Isn't it an odd thing to have friends that you have never actually met, yet have become so special? Aw, now I'm getting all sentimental on ya!

    Jamie- I am so glad you use the word yummy too. Someone recently told me that yummy is not a word adults should use. I completely disagree! P.S. I'm still thinking about that meme you posted a while ago...I'm going to try to get to it soon b/c it would be fun.

    Warren- I like your philosophy, and glad you like the variety. I think I might be able to put that boulder down back is really killing me!

    Jackie- Thanks! Sometimes I think I try to force too much direction in my life, but allowing a lack of direction can be totally freeing. You never know what you will find, but it's sure to be fun if you have the right attitude. And I think you do! And thanks for the tag...I already checked out the picture and will try to post it soon...just have to think of something to talk about with it :)

  5. Chiming in a little late here...Kim, what strikes me most about you in your blogging is your sweetness, passion, and honesty. You don't seem to have much of a filter on (and don't really seem to care, and you shouldn't IMO) and you put it out there. It's refreshing to read and makes you stand out from other bloggers.

    ...but I guess none of this matters anyway, since you're a FRIGGIN WILDCAT! Sorry, had to throw Sparky in there.

    In any event, keep rockin and good job with the blog.

  6. Sweva- It's never too late! I love when people post comments on my blog. Thank you for your wonderful complement, that means a lot. It's good to know that others appreciate my "quirkiness."

    Well, actually I am a bobcat through and through. That's my Alma Mater, Bradley University in Peoria, IL. Haven't much taken to the wildcat thing ;)