Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is paragraph describes too well one of my worst nightmares, especially as I look for a job upon graduation. It's amazing how hard it is to find a truly nice working environment. I just want operable windows, is that too much to ask?

"Now everything seems to have changed. The things I do (by myself or with my companions) seem to have changed and the way they are done also seems to have changed because, goodbye bright blue Planet, goodbye melodious seasons, goodbye stones, dust, leaves, ponds, and dragon flies, goodbye boiling-hot days, dead dogs by the roadside, shadows in the wood like prehistoric dragons, goodbye Planet, by now I feel as if I do the things I do sitting in a bunker of damp artificial light and conditioned air, sitting at this white laminate table, sitting in this silver plastic chair, captain of a spaceship traveling at thousands of miles an hour, squashed against this seat — immobile in the sky."

If you would like to read all of this wonderful story, please visit Design Observer to read the writing by Ettore Sottsass.

I found this over at the Wish Jar. One of my favorite blogs done by Keri Smith, one of the most creative people I have come across. She's an inspiration.


  1. Welcome to the working world. You will be issued the Adult Scowl/Frown Face, you will required to Hold Your Tongue, and Fake Smile. Again, welcome and we look forward to your input (Yeah, not really. We just want you to do what you're told).

    Just kidding. Not all places are so terrible. I wish you the best in finding the right one, especially on your first landing!

  2. That's a good quote. Coincidentally, yesterday morning was my last day at my workplace, I'm now between spaceships, and I happily spent yesterday afternoon hiking in Sabino Canyon, listening to birds, touching the breeze, watching a wasp, and wading barefoot in a sandy stream.

    Kind of nice to have shore leave on part of a weekday and not just on weekends. Of course its nice to have income too! *smile*

    Today I'm working in my home office with outside air passing freely into the house. My previous "work" office was in an environment where the mix of outside air into the building's interior air was automatically adjusted based on interior CO2 levels. Saves energy if you're in a large conditioned air space, but...

  3. Jamie- That's how I feel sometimes. In reality, it will probably be o.k, but I just can't understand why everyone doesn't want something better.

    Warren- It may sounds odd in a way, but maybe congratulations are in order? I mean, what a wonderful experience you had...this is what life should be like.

    I think I could work all day and be content if I could just feel the outside air and see the sun as I work. In fact, I know I can...that's how it is working from home for me too. It's something I will utterly miss. I'm trying to be happy knowing that I have it now and not think too much about the future...but it's like trying to squander something precious. Am I being to dramatic?

  4. You are not being too dramatic. Everyone is wired differently. Some of us are wired to need open windows and mini-breaks outside with the doggie to function best. :) I am on the cusp of moving from self-employment to the 9-5, and I am hating every moment of it. Unfortunately, we need the health insurance, and there is something to be said for security--knowing what your income will be, not perpetually hunting for the next contract gig and getting it lined up...

    I will survive. But I am still very sad about it.

    Someday, I will sell more books than JK Rowling and I will work exactly how, when, and where I please. Rrrrrawr!