Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happiness is a choice

I truly believe this. There are people with nothing that are incredibly happy and people with everything that are miserable. I choose you?

Feel free to use this image how ever you want...I made it for you :)


  1. True thought! You have lovely photos on your blog.

  2. Happiness is also a gift!! Thank you so much for the happy little Kim-note I got in the mail today. It was even better than my paycheck (also sitting in the mailbox), and after finding out how much we owe in taxes, that's saying something!!

  3. Rachel and Aiyana - Here's to happiness! And, Aiyana, thanks for stopping by...I'm glad you like my photos :)

    Laurel - You are so right my is a gift as well. I'm so glad you got my note and that it was so special to you...especially because you are so special to me! Miss you bunches...

  4. Thanks for the gift of happiness - now if you could just clear my schedule i could make use of it! :)

  5. Yes! In spite of everything, Yes!
    You are so right...and I've just "divorced" myself from working with someone who refused to stop choosing to be miserable all of the time. I have been in the wake of their misery for too long, paying too big a price in the process. It robbed me of too much energy being with someone who refuses to acknowledge that how they feel truly is a choice. It has been overwhelming to watch someone who is intent on staying miserable. I did my best. I have to let go and choose to be with people who choose to be happy.

  6. Jackie- well i do hope you can find time for happiness...i can totally empathize though.

    zephyr- It's hard to make a decision like that but it's even harder to be around someone like that. It sounds like you did the right thing...your happiness is important and it's one of the hardest things to stay positive around someone who is in a constant state of negativity. Negative energy wears off just like positive energy. That's why it's a good question for us all to ask what kind of energy we want to put into this world? I'm guessing you would answer positive. I know that's what I want, even though its hard sometimes.