Monday, March 16, 2009

What do you want to do for the rest of your life?

Graduation day is quickly approaching and what better time to contemplate my career. Well, the lovely Jamie at Paint Til You Faint tagged me quite a while ago on this meme...the question - what are your top 7 dream jobs?

To answer this, let me first explain. My ideal life is to not work something I consider a "job" and certainly not one thing for the rest of my life. I know, that's the dream of many and somewhat cliche. However, I feel like the direction I am heading in will be somewhat open. I might still work for a particular office, but am hopeful that it will be a place that dabbles in a variety of pursuits. I'm also the type of person that can't often sit still...I guess there is a lot of creative energy pent up inside me. Overall, I see myself as a designer, and that will take hold in a variety of forms.

Even still, there are some specific titles I have often dreamed about...

1. Landscape architect - For all the faults of the "working world" I still feel like this is such an amazing profession. For someone who gets bored doing the same thing over and over again, this field offers so much versatility. In what other profession can you design public spaces, work in urban design, envision the landscape, use a palette of plants, be a champion for the environment, draw and render, and create? You can work in as detailed a space as someone's backyard or create a plan for an entire region of the country. I have one friend who just graduated and moved to Colorado to work for the forest service as the NEPA ski team coordinator. Yes, she actually gets to ski all day for her job.

2. Bed and Breakfast Owner - This is something I can quite possibly see myself doing someday (when I've saved up a huge sum of money.) I want to have a rustic modern bed and breakfast in a town like Prescott, Arizona. I'll have an awesome kitchen to make delicious food that I grow in my garden. And most definitely an art and landscape studio and gallery space.

3. Professional artist and illustrator- not sure I could ever make a living at this, but will definitely pursue art my entire life regardless. It makes me happy :)

4. Graphic designer - the only drawback to this job would be sitting at a computer all least with Landscape architecture you can take some breaks from the computer.

5. Vegetarian food critic - I like to eat! (But I eat terribly slow so I might have to work long hours ;-P )

6. Master Gardener - I love plants and being outside. I'm wondering if people can make a living at this, but if you can, I think it would be fabulous.

7. Marine biologist - the kind that gets to spend all day at the ocean's edge.

What about you? I'm not going to tag anyone, but I would love to hear what your dream jobs are!


  1. i love how varied all your dream jobs are! this makes me want to think about what mine are-- i think several of them would overlap with yours!

  2. Jess- I'd love to hear your sometime...I bet they would all be fun.

  3. I thought about this for sometime now and being a graphic designer can be quite draining. As you said, sitting behind a desk all day is NOT fun. I love what I do, but lately my mind has been thinking on other stuffs. Here are my 7:

    1)World Traveler (Is this a profession?)Just travel and meet people.
    2)Teacher (has crossed my mind, then again it would require patience)
    3)Textile Designer (Love creating patterns)
    4)Professional Illustrator/artist
    5)Motivational Public Speaker (You Can Do It!)
    6)Travel Photographer
    7)Author (write books for a living, that would be sweet!)

    I'll add #8: Millionaire.

    Sharing the love,


  4. Hi Kim! Nice to visit your blog - I share you passion for nature and creativity.
    My fave job is the one I'm doing now - a freelance artsworker. It means I get to be involved in a whole heap of arty/ideas-conjuring experiences, and be my own boss at the same time.
    Years ago I thought it was 'bad' that I couldn't pidgeon-hole myself into a particular job, because I had so many creative interests. Now I realise that diversist is a great thing, and so fulfilling it makes my heart swell with gratitude that I was born this way.
    Wow - long comment for a short question!

  5. Julia- Thanks for sharing your dream jobs! I especially love the first idea...wouldn't that be great? I would personally have to get over my fear of flying, but getting to see so many different places would be amazing. And yeah, if we were millionaires we could do whatever we 'bout this...if I become a millionaire I'll split it with you? ;)

    Chrissy - Thanks for stopping by! I guess we might be kindred spirits in a way. I loved your painting of the lotus pods on Pecannoot! Your job sounds fabulous! That deserves three more exclamation!!!

  6. Nice list - hope you land one/or all of those someday!
    My list:
    1. professional chocolatier
    2. design and hand print one of a kind wallpaper
    3. bookbinder
    4. run a reservations only friday/saturday night supper club which would be located in a renovated barn with a huge stone fireplace, lots of candlelight and great atmosphere, with a limited menu with the wines picked to perfectly match the food.

  7. Ooo, Jackie...I forgot about chocolate! Great idea. The other four sound fabulous as well...just one question...can I come over for dinner? I'll design the landscape around the barn for you. :) A fresh herb garden perhaps?