Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It's late, I'm tired...bleary eyed from working on my webpage. But, I think I have enough energy for this quick little game that Jackie at Smoothpebble tagged me on. After all, it's been quite a few days now and she was nice enough to think of me. I like fun little things like this, it has just been hard to get around to anything lately.

So here's the scoop. I have to post the sixth picture in the sixth folder on my computer. Then I must tag six others to play along. (I'll do this part, but don't feel obligated).

O.k. Ready?

Well, sorry if it disappoints...it is rather unexciting.

I took this picture last year after doing yard work as remembrance of my hard day's labor. Now that I look at it, it's really not so impressive, but at the time it felt like so much brush. I spent hours pruning roses, weeding, and trimming the remains of winter's touch on the plants. It's too bad that the pile couldn't have stayed there for a while because it would have made great compost and some mighty fine lizard habitat in the meantime.

Well, here's a picture from the same bunch that you might find a little more appealing. The result of hard work:

So that's it! Who do I tag?

Jamie at Paint til' you Faint (Who is probably still waiting for me to get to the last meme that she tagged me on...I will do it, I've already got the list in my head)
Warren at Touch the Wind (He always has wonderful photos from around Tucson to share)
Lucy at box elder (such a great photographer she is)
Rachel at Cornflower Blue Studio (I'm in love with her art)
Lorianne at Hoarded Ordinaries (always great commentary to accompany her wonderful photos)
Granny J at Walking Prescott (fun and fabulous)


  1. fun! i've never heard of this tag before. i love that you took a photo as a remembrance of your hard day of labor. i totally do things like that!!

    thank you for visiting pecannoot- i am so so glad you like it. please come back often! (and feel free to submit artwork, too!)

  2. Hey Jess- Thanks for stopping by! I just checked out your personal website and love that too. I do plan on sending some artwork you way soon. I just want to create the right thing first :)

  3. Okay, so I'm a little late checking this out! I love that you documented your hard work! I always think a day of working in the yard and tidying up is so satisfying, and feels like a worthy accomplishment. Love the results you ended up with too!